Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A 'decent' photograph?

Well, the theory of relativity certainly applies to the 'decency' of this photograph, taken by a self-aimed, timed mobile phone camera, and then hashed... This photograph is brought to you courtesy Sony Ericsson K300i and Adobe Photoshop 7.0...

Taken on the day of the Don Bosco Alumni Association's inaugural meeting and dinner (17th December 2006), after returning home... That is my room in the background, and the light coming from the right is no 'light of divine enlightenment' as someone commented upon seeing this photograph, but just a regular 40 watt Philips slim tubelight... It is the only 'slim' thing to be found in my room...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Khwahishon ke kuch alfaaz...

Sun in the earth
Bird in the air
Eye within eye

Streets we have never walked on
Windows we have never opened
Hands we have never held
Dreams we shall never, never see again…

Lives we have never lived
Hopes we have never realised
Fires we have never lit
Loves we shall never, never make again

Sun in the earth
Bird in the air
Eye within eye

I hear those strange whispers again…

A thousand desires such as these
A thousand moments to set this night on fire
Reach out and you can touch them
You can touch them with your silences
You can reach them with your lust

Rivers, mountains, rain
Rain against a torrid hillscape
A thousand
A thousand desires such as these...

I loved rain as a child
As a lost young man
Empty landscapes bleached by a tired sun

And then

And then the southern wind came like a dark, unknown woman

Her eyes scorched my silences
Her body wrapped itself around me like a summer without end

Force me
Hold me
Reach me where no man has gone
Crossing the seven seas
On the wings of fire
I fly towards nowhere

And you
Rivers, mountains, rain
Rain against a scorched landscape of pain
A thousand desires such as these…

* * * * *

I didnt write this stuff... I chanced upon it while listening to the OST of the movie Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi... Very similar flow of thoughts to my own, i thought, what with the pessimism, the rain and all that... maybe our streams of consciousness, pritish nandy's and mine, are distributaries of the same mother river...

Monday, March 05, 2007

Journey On...

Baawra mann dekhne chala
Ek sapna...

Stretching beyond the horizon
The long, lonesome highway
Two feet in battered brown shoes
Fall arrhythmically...

A mind recalls the image of you
Jumping with joy - the best day of your life
The day it was decided, perhaps
That our paths forked thenceforth...

The luncheon where mouths chomped away happily
On bread and cheese and words and smiles
The unspoken barricaded within
The invisible drops swallowed

Shoulders that bend forward with the load of the heavy backpack
Containing pages torn from a diary
A small red velvet jewellery box
A few old ticket stubs

Pitter-pattering feet on the gravel
Recall the long walks and drives among grasses green and setting sun
Eyeing the darkening skies
Evening, or another storm?

Journey On...


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