Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dirge for the departed...

They make it so easy in the movies
With the background music, the parting shot
And the walk away
If only you, cinema, could be penned
By the hand of one that is greater than us
How incoherent would you be?

This is the way the world ends
Burns out, doesn't fade away
One moment is frolic, grins and teeth
Another, a flickering candle
To be put out, with a huff of breath
And leave just the faint aroma of burning wax behind

Yet, as you walk away
Light up your cigarette and remember the times
You shared your lives, like those stubs within
Each needs to be put out
But leaves the ashes behind
To be scattered on the drain tomorrow morning

And then, within the losing cause
Comes the phase when its rendezvous again
There is no pain
Really, none at all
"Iron entered his hitherto kindly soul"
It was a long pointy sword

And so the Phoenix falls again
Mortally wounded, and unlikely to return
Yet rebirth is inevitable
Burn brighter, O golden one!
It is you who will turn the diamond-studded blackness grey
This is your chance to shine, shine on!

Burial at sea
Beneath an epitaph
On a tower of silence
Or just a gift to the flames
And time for all the greens
To ignite their fragile selves
And leave the residue behind

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